Dismex Food was established in 1989. As an immigrant family having grown up with the unique taste of Latin American foods, we saw an opportunity in the lack of authentic Mexican and Central American products in South Florida retailers. We arranged to import a few brands to a small warehouse in Miami, using an old truck we began delivering to retailers in the local community. Through hard work, integrity, and the satisfaction of our customers, we slowly expanded with additional delivery routes and infrastructure.

Thanks to our intense focus on customer service we were able to grow our distribution network, gradually offering a wider assortment of products, adding more delivery vehicles, hiring more employees, and building a state-of-the-art distribution center.

Today, Dismex Food is the leading distributor of Mexican and Central American food and beverage products in Florida. For over 20 years we have stood for on-time, complete deliveries. Our experience and competitive prices guarantee that your business will have an advantage in the highly competitive world of retail and distribution.

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