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Dismex Food, Inc. is a specialty food distribution company established since 1989, serving all of the South and Central Florida geographical area. We specialize in a wide variety of dry and refrigerated products from Mexico and Central America.

We provide a complete line of products so that our Customers can rely on one source for most of their needs. Our friendly administrative, sales and delivery personnel attest to our unparalleled Customer service.

We stock an extensive selection of specialty products including:

Dairy Products
Candies & Snacks
Dry Chilis, Spices & Condiments
Concentrate Drinks
Tortillas & Tostadas
Bread & Cookies
Juices & Soft Drinks
Jalapenos & Chipotles
Tomatillos & Nopalitos
Sardines & Tuna
Oil & Lard
Soups & Pastas
Sauces (Salsas)
Detergents & Cleaners














  Dismex Food
12255 S.W. 133 Court
Miami, FL 33186
305-238-6146 (voice)
305-238-4032 (fax)